Monthly Archives: April 2013

4-year-old’s drawing of LMT

Lindsey's daughter, Gracyn, had an assignment in 2011. She was supposed to draw a community helper. She chose a massage therapist. (Ok, ok. She's a little biased—both her parents are LMTs.) But we found the drawing again, and wanted to share it and the artist's statement with you.   [caption id="attachment_189" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="My community…
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Why we tell you to drink water

Water is 60% of our body’s makeup, and it is essential to every system in our body. So, you’re darn tooting it matters. Here are a few of the many ways drinking water helps your health and beauty: Makes you feel awake and alive You know that dehydration is when you aren’t getting enough water,…
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