Massage Can Help With Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a persistent problem among a large portion of the population for a variety of reasons. It is not uncommon for lower back pain to send sufferers to the doctor as often as they would go for the common cold. If this sounds familiar to you, trying a different solution may be in order.  A recent study in the Annals of Internal Medicine showed that massage therapy is an effective treatment for lower back pain.

Study participants were randomly assigned to one of three massage treatments. One group received full-body, relaxation massage. Another group received targeted deep-tissue massage. The third group got the usual care with medication and physical therapy. After 10 weeks the results were very dramatic. Nearly 2/3 of the study participants who received either form of massage therapy said their back pain was significantly improved or gone altogether. The researchers also found that massage relieved the pain for 6 months or more.

One study participant revealed that after just two or three sessions with a massage therapist they felt their pain dissipate and their function increase. Prior to the study, they experienced difficulty rising from a seated position, getting in and out of cars or walking long distances.

Massage is serious medicine that can treat persistent lower back pain. At Oasis Massage and Spa we offer both types of massage therapy mentioned in the study, the commonly known Swedish or relaxation massage or the deep-tissue massage. Our licensed massage therapists are trained and equipped to handle life’s many ails and most people at some point will experience back pain. Learn more about all of our massage services on our website here or feel free to call for a complimentary consult on what type of massage would be the right fit for you, please give us a call at 402-964-2267.

We look forward to visiting with you and helping you get back on track to a healthy mind and body.

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