What Not to Do After a Facial

You recently had a wonderful facial treatment and you want the results to last as long as possible. Once you get home or on with your day, you forget the friendly advice your esthetician gave you about caring for your skin. At Oasis Massage and Spa, we understand you want your skin to look and feel as soft and glowing as it did when you came out of the treatment room. Our licensed estheticians offer some tips on what to avoid to help keep you radiant longer.

  • Do not exfoliate for at least 5 days after your treatment. Your skin was exfoliated as part of your facial and any extra scrubbing now could irritate your skin.
  • Do not use harsh cleansers or cleansers not recommended for your skin type. Make sure to use gentle cleaners designed for your specific skin type to wash your face. If your esthetician recommended a product, use it. If they gave you advice about products you already own, follow it.  Products do you no good if they sit on the shelf, and your results will last longer if you have a good at home routine. If you forget what they said or are confused, feel free to call us!
  • Do not apply make-up for 12-24 hours.  Waiting to put make up gives your skin a little break and allows the products used during your treatment to soak in and work their "magic".  If you are planning to go to an event then we suggest that you schedule your facial a couple of days prior.
  • Do not apply any chemical face treatments for 12-24 hours. Using harsh chemical products can interact with treatment products in a negative way.  In the first 24 hours after a facial, using fewer products is more effective.
  • Do not spend time in the sun.  We recommend avoiding sun exposure at all times, but especially in the days following a facial.  If you are going out directly in the sun, you should take precautions like wearing a hat and sunscreen.  
  • Do not touch your skin after your facial. We know your skin is feeling  and looking its best, but your hands have bacteria and dirt that can clog your pores and undo all good deep cleaning your facial accomplished.

Additionally, make sure you are drinking plenty of water.  Hydration helps so many of your body's systems – but especially your skin, so drink up!  Lastly, remember to take a few extra deep breaths after your facial to keep that relaxed feeling as long as possible.

At Oasis Massage and Spa our goal is simple; provide our clients with a peaceful, relaxing haven focused on you. We want you to not only receive the best care and services but also to have long-lasting results. Our facial treatments can melt away your stress, soothe your senses, and give your beauty routine a little boost! Call today to learn about all of our massage and spa services and packages at 402-964.2267 or book your appointment online here.

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