Moisturizing Winter Hands


As the autumn season passes and winter is here, I cringe, knowing that my hands will take a toll this particular season. The constant hand-washing, sanitizing, doing the dishes (‘tis the season!), and bitter chill outside chap my hands to the bone! They become red, flakey, dehydrated, and sore. Does that ever happen to you, too? I told myself this winter will be different, and that I wanted to keep my hands well-protected and soothed.

After some thorough research, I found helpful information to keep our hands healthy. Let’s start with the basics: moisturize. Five or six applications a day will provide ample protection. Only moisturizing your hands once a day is enough protection for five minutes. Let’s step it up!

Choosing the right moisturizer can be tricky. There are many options! Don’t get overwhelmed. You want to choose a moisturizer that has emollient ingredients such as lanolin, jojoba oil, vitamin E, isopropyl palmitate, propylene glycol linoleate, squalene, and glycol stearate. These ingredients act as oil on the surface of the skin, keeping the skin soft and smooth. You also want to choose a moisturizer that has humectant ingredients such as glycerin, hyaluronic acid, sorbitol, propylene glycerol, urea, and lactic acid. Humectants keep your skin well-hydrated and plump. And who doesn’t want plump skin?? Definitely look for both emollients and humectants in your moisturizer. Sometimes you may need a heavier moisturizer. It is best to choose a thick, rich moisturizer that contains ingredients such as dimethicone, aloe vera, cocoa or shea butter, or beeswax.

At Oasis, we use Maddison Avenue Soy Protein Hand/Body Lotion.  We have fallen in LOVE with the way it makes our skin feel.  It’s non-greasy application will leave your skin instantly smooth and soft.  Don’t forget to repeat moisturizer step multiple times a day.  Next time you in, ask us to try it out the benefits.

Finally, don’t be afraid to imitate your grandmother and heavily apply your moisturizer before bed then slip on some beauty gloves to let the moisturizer work into the skin while you snooze!

Just a recap:

  • Moisture frequently, six times a day
  • Check your moisturizer’s ingredients
  • Emollients and Humectants are your friends
  • Use beauty gloves while you sleep to keep moisture in the skin

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Small Business Saturday

We here at Oasis Massage and Spa are looking forward to the opportunity this Small Business Saturday (Nov. 29, 2014), to be able to get some extra customers through our doors to sample our new body line. The Maddison Avenue Soy Protein Body Product line is a special formula that provides the skin with natural essential oils and extracts to prevent aging and dryness. Soy oil, Soy protein and Shea butter form a natural breathable barrier on the skin to protect it from pollutants and water dehydration. Oasis is offering buy one get one 50% off these amazing Maddison Avenue Skin Care products this Saturday ONLY, so don’t miss out!
We are also introducing our Oasis Naturals Hand Poured Soy Candle Line this Saturday. Oasis Naturals is creating cleaner air one candle at a time! You will love Oasis Naturals 100% Soy Candles because they are made with GMM-free, organic, US farmed Soybean wax and cotton wicks, and they are the purest candles you can find! We infuse essential oils and premium fragrance oils for the most perfect aroma. Soy candles are the Good Consumer choice for green candles because they are made from 100% vegetable wax that won’t pollute your air! Soy candles are eco-friendly, long and clean burning, and best of all, made from a renewable resource! The Oasis Naturals Hand Poured Soy Candles are the perfect complement to a healthy and environmentally conscious home!
Lastly, come in to receive 20% off any Bioelements Face Skincare products. This is our professional skincare line that our estheticians use for all of our facials services. These high quality products will help your skin with the changes in the weather we are experiencing.
At Oasis our mission for the past 10 years and counting, is to provide the customer with quality services and products. We don’t sell anything we aren’t passionate about. Get some of your holiday gifts locally, with our quality products. We just know they will LOVE them!

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Face feeling slapped by cold wind?

With fall upon us and winter just around the corner, it is more important than ever to make sure your skin stays moisturized and hydrated.  Dry skin tends to itch, crack, flake, and it shows fine lines and wrinkles much more than hydrated skin. A great way to deeply moisturize your skin is by adding Hyaluronic Acid to your routine.

Hyaluronic Acid is the key to well hydrated young looking skin, and it occurs naturally in our bodies, but as we age the amount of Hyaluronic Acid in our bodies in greatly decreased.  Hyaluronic Acid is a natural moisturizer and water binder; it can bind 1,000 times its own weight in water. When used in conjunction with your moisturizer, it will help drive the moisture down into the different layers of your skin leaving it looking fresh and youthful. Contrary to its name, Hyaluronic Acid doesn’t burn your skin or hurt in any way; it actually nourishes, soothes, and hydrates the skin.

How to use Hyaluronic Acid:

  • Cleanse your skin as you normally would.
  • Apply toner.
  • Apply your Hyaluronic Acid and let it sink into your skin.
  • Apply your favorite moisturizer.
  • Use a sunscreen if you will be going outside.

Everyone can benefit from using Hyaluronic Acid, no matter what their skin type may be. It is best to use a 100% pure Hyaluronic Acid gel or 100% pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum because they tend to work the best.  Give this a try to keep your skin moisturized and youthful, and see your Esthetician every 4 weeks for a facial to keep your skin looking great!

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We LOVE to pamper!!

Valentine’s is that time when we’re reminded to think about that special person in our lives. How can we show our love and appreciation for that person?

If you’re looking for a way to pamper your loved one, Oasis has some great options.

One option is something the two of you can enjoy together: couples massage. Each of you will have your own table and your own massage therapist, but you’ll be in the same private room so you can relish in this unwind time together.

We do have a Valentine’s special with a special twist on our couples massage. You’ll have an hour-long couples massage in a candlelit room sprinkled with rose petals, with gift bag, rose, and treats along the way. It’s $179 with limited availability Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. (Call 402-964-2267 to book.)

Looking to pamper yourself or a loved one? Try our Valentine’s Spa Package. You or your loved one will spend 2.5 hours getting pampered from head to toe with this package! It includes a decadent Chocolate Facial, an exfoliating Champagne & Rose Body Scrub, and a Champagne & Rose Pedicure (done the Oasis way!). The price is $165, and again you can call 402-964-2267 to book your appointment. (Available through Feb. 28, or while supplies last.)

The timeless gift: an Oasis gift card. These beauties never expire, and go toward any service or product. Visit our online store to purchase now!

However you end up spending your Valentine’s Day, we hope you feel loved and celebrated!


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Spa pedicures – steamed towel delight

We get asked a lot why we do pedicures but not manicures at Oasis.

A few years ago, we did offer both. One of the main reasons we no longer offer manicures has to do with the ethos of our spa.

Oasis is a relaxing place. We want you to come in and enjoy some downtime. No work, no kids, no screens. Just you. And us pampering you.

We found that offering manicures added more of the go-go-go to the atmosphere of our spa—precisely the thing we wanted to eliminate.

We reevaluated our service list a few years ago. We decided our services needed to excel above other spas, and they needed to help our clients relax.

In the end, we decided to eliminate our manicures and to revamp our pedicures. We just aren’t a nail spa. Other places can do that. Speedy in and out paint jobs. It’s just not us. We don’t have a bank of chairs with foot tubs. We’re not about efficient pedicures.

Our revamped pedicures became much more focused on relaxation. Now, we have our clients lie on a massage table in a private room. They get a cooling eye mask as their feet are treated with steamed towels and spa-quality products. Slowly. Soothingly.

We currently offer two options in our pedis:

Spa pedicure – a full hour, $45.

Classic pedicure – 45 minutes, $35.

Both include filing, cuticle/callus work, foot massage and polish. The spa pedicure includes a stronger exfoliating scrub and a bonus moisturizing mask.

And for the month of January, we are offering peppermint pedicures, so you can enjoy not only the most peaceful pedicure in Omaha, but also that beloved wintertime scent.


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Oasis Deep-Cleansing Facial

We demonstrate the steps involved in our Deep-Cleansing Facial.

Facials are a great way to relax, and they’re a fabulous way to replenish your skin. It’s being pampered with a purpose!


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What to Expect from a Massage

We know it can be intimidating to come in for a massage if you’ve never had one before (and sometimes even if you have). We put together this little video to show you what to expect.

And if you’re in the Omaha, NE area, Oasis welcomes you, whether it’s your first massage or your 50th!

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Spa specials Dec-Feb!

We’re happy to announce three months worth of great spa deals! 

December: 3 facials for $180, or 6 for $360

Buying the package will save you $9 per facial! But the facial series must be scheduled in the recommended 4-6 week timeframe.

During the next few months, it is important to keep your skin hydrated and exfoliated. This helps keep the water-to-oil balance in your skin.

Turning on the heat in your home and car dehydrates your skin (sucks out the moisture) during the winter months.

Regular facials during these months with your at home regiment is the best way to keep your skin in tip-top shape all year round!


January: Peppermint Pedis 

Enjoy that beloved wintertime scent in our powerful pedicure.


February: all-spa spa package

A great way to try out three of our spa services! More details to come!







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A little bit about … Trish Krabbenhoft

Trish has been at Oasis since November 2008, after she graduated from the Omaha School of Massage. She is practiced in Swedish, sports, neuromuscular, hot stone, and myofascial deep-tissue. She is very good at relaxation and pregnancy massage.

Trish became interested in massage when she realized how unfulfilled she was sitting at a computer. “You should see my stress-free, peaceful office now!” she says.

“I have always enjoyed helping people, but it makes my day when a client says how much better they feel after a massage.” Trish adds, “My ideal day at work is when a client has their first massage in their life, and they wonder why they waited so long.”

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Celebrating 9 years!

When Oasis prepared to open its doors, the building needed a facelift.

Lindsey and Carolyn ripped up carpet that ran down the hallway. Never has carpet been so thoroughly glued down, and never has she had such a workout, Lindsey says.

Before installing laminate flooring in the hallway, Lindsey spray-painted the ceiling tiles a cream color so they’d match the green we all know and love. If you took out the laminate, you’d find cream-colored rectangles on the concrete.

That was all nine years ago.

A lot of footsteps have passed up and down that hallway in nine years.

As we celebrate our anniversary, we wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to all of you who have been a part of these nine years. We are truly grateful to have been able to serve you, and we hope we’ve enriched your lives in the process.




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