I went to Oasis for a massage before my wedding and it was amazing! Extremely clean and modern facility and friendly staff. The woman who gave me my massage was very professional, but friendly and she did a great job. 10/10 recommend!

Sarah M,

Oasis Massage and Spa is wonderful! I had a body polish done by Savannah and she did a fantastic job. I've never been so relaxed, and my skin feels amazing. Would definitely recommend!!


My fiancé and I loved the couples massage! Carolyn and Regina were amazing!

Jenni L,

I stayed up all night thinking about getting a massage but I figured I wouldn’t be able to get in anywhere on a same days notice. I called Oasis shortly after they opened and the receptionist was polite and was able to fit me in for an hour massage that same day! This was only my second massage and my first was so long ago that I barely remember it. I had a massage with Dawn and she gave me a little refresher on what to expect and also asked me some discovery questions to figure out why I was there and the areas I wanted focused on. It was a pleasant experience and next time I’ll go with the 90 minutes. They also handled the covid precautions really well. I left in a bit of a massage daze, she offered to set me up with my next massage but I was out of it and just said “okay” and didn’t really answer her question (on accident). She handled my awkwardness well, didn’t pressure me, and walked me out. I recommend Dawn and will go back to see her again.

Mallorie B,