This is a really beautiful space. Very friendly, warm staff. Fantastic massage. Very reasonable prices.

I’ve been going to Oasis for more than a year now and I love it! They are very professional and have great massage therapists.

It was great I have been going to Oasis Massage for over a year and Savanah is great.  I love the facials and my daughters have also had their eyebrows waxed by Savanah!!  Great place

I've never left Oasis not feeling completely refreshed, and my last visit was more of the same. I had a 90 minute scheduled for a full body massage. I was able to get an appointment within about of week of when I started looking. You do need to make sure you schedule before you really need it because they are always booked.

My massage therapist was thee most thorough specialist I have ever worked with, even at Oasis. We gave me a play by play of what and where she would work on so that I didn't spend my time relaxing trying to figure out what came next. I don't know if its just me, but that is actually so helpful.

As always, the 90 minutes FLEW by and then it was time to get up. I absolutely needed the care and really really pleased with this experience.

Meg B,