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Bikini grooming

The full heat of summer is upon us. Ladies, if you’re hitting the pool, here are some tips for grooming your bikini area.   If you wax: -Choose a licensed esthetician and be sure they do not double-dip (i.e. they use a fresh wax stick every time, so the wax pot cannot be contaminated). -Exfoliate…
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Wash your face!

I confess: I am so lazy about washing my face. It actually wasn’t until a year ago, when I came in for a facial with Amber Haupt, one of Oasis’ estheticians, that I actually started to care about my face and how I take care of it. I have a lot to learn. So I…
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9 ways you’ll benefit from a massage

We love this article at Huffington Post. Of course we believe in the benefits of massage. But there are so many studies now that demonstrate the benefits of massage, we thought we'd pass on these bits of science that will help you justify taking a little time for a massage. These are the bullet points.…
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