Help Us Help You!

Every client is different and at Oasis we are committed to giving each guest their best experience.  Our massage therapists and estheticians are here to help you.   They are professionally trained and want to partner with you to address your massage and skin care needs.   Many concerns can be identified by sight or by touch, but some things only you can share – out loud – with words.  And our staff wants to hear them.  They want you to have the best service possible, but they cannot do their jobs to the fullest potential without feedback from you.

Be sure to let them know if there is something they can do to improve your experience.  You’re not going to hurt their feelings.  It is helpful to let your service provider know things like:

  • If you want more or less pressure
  • If you want to chat during your service or if you want to be silent – or a little of both
  • If you are too hot or too cold
  • If an area is tender or sore or sensitive
  • If they are finding anything unusual

It is okay to communicate these questions or feelings to your service provider.  As a matter of fact, they want you to.  It’s a partnership, remember?

Therapists are always more than happy to educate clients on what could be causing them discomfort or problems, what clients can do to reduce some of their aches and pains, or what products or at home routines improve the condition of skin. A client can learn a lot about their bodies and skin by asking a massage therapist or an esthetician the right questions.

Having good, open communication with your therapist or esthetician sometimes comes from finding the right service provider for you. Check back with us for our Staff Spotlights for a chance to get to know a little bit about each staff member.

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