Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Be Getting a Facial

Facials are so much more than an hour of indulgence. Facials have great benefits to the health, wellness, and appearance of your skin with short and long term impact. When you think about it, we all make regular visits to dentists, doctors, hair salons, and more.  Your skin needs regular care, too.  Consider scheduling routine facials to focus on your skin health. Here are Oasis Massage and Spa's 8 reasons to book a facial sooner rather than later.

  1. Tis’ the Season - Our skin’s condition is similar to nature; it changes based on the weather temperatures, humidity level, climate we live in, or visit often, and the amount of sun exposure.  Regular facials help you keep up with these changes providing extra protection, hydration, exfoliation or whatever your skin might need.
  2. Getting to Know Your Skin - When you get a facial, your esthetician gets up close and personal with your skin, which we promise is not a bad thing! Each visit, they look at your skin under a magnifier with special lighting to assess your skin. They customize the products they use to your skin's unique needs.  They also educate you about products and routines to use at home to keep your skin in peak condition.  
  3. Professional, Expert Care - Estheticians are trained to look for and deal with complex skin issues.  Even the best goops, creams and lotions you have hanging out at home cannot compare to the keen eye of a professional. They have the knowledge of services, techniques, and products to help with recurring skin conditions.  Booking regular facials allows you to take advantage of their expertise.
  4. Deep Cleaning -  Even those of us with established at-home routines admit that some days we are just plain lazy about it. We could all afford a longer, more effective cleansing of our skin.  A regular facial helps cover up our crimes of neglect and laziness. It gets past the surface stuff, refines pores and leaves your complexion looking and feeling rejuvenated.  It's kind of like supplementing brushing and flossing with visits to the dentist.
  5. Anti-Aging Bonus - We’re getting older each and every day and because we only have one face, we really need to take care of it. By getting regular facials, we promote cell turnover, boost collagen production and maintain healthy skin balance, all of which are great anti-aging remedies. Simply, facials can help slow the clock.
  6. Prevention – Already happy with your skin?  Great!  Let's keep it that way! Don't wait for problems to appear before scheduling a facial.  Consistent facials help prevent the signs of aging, break outs, and other issues that crop up – eventually.  Just like exercising helps maintain your body's fitness level, regular facials help maintain your skin's healthy, youthful appearance.
  7. Melt Stress - Life can busy. Most of us don’t take nearly enough time out for ourselves. We need to do things that will help melt away stress and help us regain balance.  Spending an hour in a peaceful, relaxing environment can help restore balance to your mind, as well as your skin. At Oasis we add a scalp, neck and shoulder massage to your facial to help alleviate the tension.
  8. It’s Not Only For the Ladies – Men and teenagers can benefit from regular facials, too! A man pulls a razor across his face an average of 5,200 times a year. This causes dry, irritated skin and ingrown hairs. Plus, most men do not have skin care routines that they follow daily.  Consistent facials can help get a guy started on a good routine.  And it’s not breaking news that teenagers struggle with acne and have lazy or non-existent skincare routines. Getting regular facials can help manage skin issues from fluctuating hormones. It’s also a great way for a teen to learn how to care for their skin properly from a professional (see also #3).

These are our top 8 reasons that we think you should consider getting a regular facial. At Oasis Massage and Spa we want to bring awareness and offer our support to keep your skin healthy. If you have any concerns or questions feel free to give us a call at #402-964-2267. We offer a complimentary skin analysis to help determine what your skin needs.  

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